Process Automation

  • Selection of measurement
  • Creation of function plans
  • Process automation
  • Commissioning
  • Customer training/li>
  • Switchgear construction, electrical installation or assembly in cooperation with our partner companies, we are happy to offer you everything from a single source!


The engineering team of the Ingenieur Buero Buse GmbH automation department will develop and program the customized software for your automation requirements. Installation and start up will be done by our engineers on your site. We also offer complete control cabinets and hardware.

Process Data Acquisition and Recording

We are offering our interested customers a software package to continuously monitor and record process data. This product is specially made for the
process data evaluation of small and middle sized industrial processing plants, where previously there were no commercially viable solutions available.
Our internal R&D department developed this software package and we are able to offer it at a truly competitive price. We offer also installation of this software package by our engineers, either on site or via internet remote access.